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Thread: Plane Crashes into house in Florida

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    Angry Plane Crashes into house in Florida

    PALM COAST, Fla. At least three people were killed when a small plane crashed into a house Friday afternoon while trying to land at a central Florida airport, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

    The 1957 Beechcraft H35 Bonanza was heading from Fort Pierce to Knoxville, Tenn., when it began experiencing mechanical problems, FHP Lt. Justin Asbury said. The pilot told controllers that the engine was shaky and there was smoke coming from the plane. The plane was also entering bad weather.

    The Flagler County Sheriff's Office said the plane hit a Palm Coast home just east of the Flagler County Airport around 2:20 p.m., several minutes after the pilot's call.

    Robert Ferrigno, who lives down the street, said he heard the crash from his home.

    "Planes go over here all the time, but this afternoon, I heard, `putt, putt, putt,' and then I heard, `boom,'" Ferrigno said. "I looked outside, and there were flames shooting up over the trees."

    Ferrigno and another neighbor, Armando Gonzalez, ran down the street to the crash site.

    The home's owner identified by FHP as Susan Crockett was already outside when they arrived, screaming that a plane had crashed into her house.

    "The house was in flames, and there were explosions boom, boom, boom inside the house," Gonzalez said. He said the tail appeared to be sticking out the roof of the single-story ranch home.

    Ferrigno added that the crash had thrown insulation everywhere, saying, "It looked like it was snowing."

    Crockett was taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution, Asbury said. She was listed in stable condition.

    Authorities didn't immediately identify the people on the plane.
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    Really sad when I hear these stories.
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