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Thread: Payscales

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    Default Pay scale

    Anyone know Continental Airlines pay scale progression ??

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    Check your email

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    Default Continental Airlines pay scale

    Nothing in e-mail yet.... Hopefully soon...Thanks !

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    Default Payscales

    Quote Originally Posted by Administrator
    Whats your payscale where you work? Whats the top out?

    Union or Non Union?
    RII Pay?
    Lic Pay?
    Taxi Premium?
    Shift Premium?
    I've done some research on the web getting these. Some of the rates have been through merely emailing employees of the airline and some have been picked straight off the contract. Maybe the Admin could put this in a format for all to see. If anyone works at that airline and the payscale gets changed they could email the Admin or post it on this thread.

    In order from highest to lowest paid among Cargo:

    UPS - $21.00/$43.00 (5 yrs),
    +.58/mids, +$1.75/Lead or Inspector, +$3.50/Maintenance control; Teamsters
    FedEx - $19.54/$25.74 (3 yrs) +$5.40/per license,
    +.15/line pay, Non-union
    Kitty Hawk Cargo - $17.00/$22.00 (10 yrs), +$1.00/per license, $0.50/nights; Non-union

    I still need most of the cargo carriers: DHL, Evergreen, Ryan Air, Kallita, Atlas, Polar, ABX Air.

    In order from highest to lowest paid among Majors/Low Cost Carriers:

    Southwest - $19.51/$42.00 (5 yrs) ; AMFA
    Northwest - $21.43/$30.89 (5 yrs) +$2.50/per license,
    +.55/line, +.51/2nd shift, +.58/3rd shift; AMFA on strike
    JetBlue - $23/$32.47 (10 yrs)
    +$0.50/2nd shift, +$0.65/3rd shift, +$2.00/Lead or Q.C.; non-union
    Continental - $18.11/$32.21; Teamsters
    Frontier - ???/$31.70; Teamsters
    Delta - ???/$31.46; Non-union
    Alaska - $17.38/$27.37 (7 yrs) +$1.75/per license,
    +$1.40/lead or inspector, +.25/line, +.58/2nd & 3rd shift; AMFA
    AirTran - $17.25/$29.00 (9 yrs)+.50/per license,
    +.60/3rd shift; Teamsters
    United - $16.35/$24.76 (5 yrs) +$1.94/per license,
    +$1.60/lead or inspector; AMFA
    American - AMT $13.89/$25.63 (5 yrs)
    - Overhaul Mechanic $9.02/$20.43 (9 yrs)
    *Not sure if scale includes A&P, but I think it does. AA has two classifications of maintenance. TWU
    America West - $15.87/$23.35 (9 yrs); +$1.00/per license,
    +.35/2nd & 3rd shift; Teamsters
    ATA - $15.56/$23.75 (5 yrs); +$1.25/per license,
    +$1.50/Lead or Inspector +.40/3rd shift +$1.00/LGA, MDW, SFO, LAX, HNL; AMFA
    US Airways - $15.63/$23.00 (9 yrs) +$1.00/per license,
    +.51/2nd & 3rd shift, (scale is set at 5% raise every yr); IAM
    Independence - $12.86/$21.93 (9 yrs); (No new contract since Airbus 319 arrived on the property) AMFA- Ch. 7 liquidated
    Aloha - $13.03/$19.82; IAM

    Among the majors and low cost carriers I need: Hawaiian, Midwest, Spirit, and USA 3000.

    Now for the regionals:

    Air Wisconsin - $16.42/$25.36 (5 yrs); IAM *27.31 @ 25 yrs*
    SkyWest - $13.68/$25.33 (16 yrs),
    +.25/2nd shift, +$1.00/3rd shift, +$1.00/Sr. Mechanic, +$2.00/Supervisor, +.30/RII, +$1.25/Inspector; No Union
    +$1.00/COS, FAT, PSP, PDX, SLC, TUS based; +$2.00/ LAX, SAN, DEN, DFW, IAH, ORD based; +$4.00/SFO based.
    American Eagle - $11.45/$22.15 (12 yrs) +$1.50/per license,
    +.25/2nd shift +.45/3rd shift; TWU
    Horizon - $13.50/$23.50 (8 yrs) +$.75/per license; +$.65/3rd shift AMFA
    Express Jet - $12.15/$22.16 (7 yrs) +$1.40/per license,
    +.30/2nd shift, +.50/3rd shift, +$2.00/Sr. Mechanic or Inspector, +$1.50/RII, +$1.00/Run-taxi; Teamsters
    +$1.10/EWR, BDL, IAD based
    Comair - $12.01/$21.54 (7 yrs) +1.00/per license,
    +.50/RII, +.25/2nd, +.50/3rd shift, +.20/run taxi; IAM
    Republic Airways<Chautauqua, Shuttle America, and Republic> - $13.25/$23.25 (10 yrs)
    +.50/3rd shift, +.25/RII +.25/run-taxi, +$2.00/Sr. Mechanic or Inspector, +$3.00/Supervisor; No Union
    +$1.00/CMH based; +$3.00/PHL, DCA, IAD, ORD based; +$4.00/LGA, BOS based.
    PSA - $13.50/$22.03 (14 yrs) +.50/per license,
    +.30/2nd shift, +.55/3rd shift, +$2.25/Sr. Mechanic, +$2.00/Inspector, +.20/run-taxi; IAM
    Mesaba - $11.68/$21.50 (7 yrs), +.75/per license,
    +.40/2nd shift +.60/3rd shift +$1.15/lead, inspector, or MX control +.50/RII; AMFA
    Pinnacle - $13.50/$22.03 (14 yrs),
    +2.5%/DTW; +3%/MSP; No Union
    Trans States - $13.92/$21.72 (18 yrs),
    +1.00/Supervisor; Non-Union
    Mesa - $11.15/$18.80 (15 yrs),
    +.50/2nd & 3rd shift, +.50/RII, $1.00/Sr. Mechanic; Non-Union
    +$1.00/CMH based; +$3.00/PHL, DCA, IAD based.

    For regionals I still need: Colgan Air, Great Lakes, Boston-Maine (PanAM), Island Air, Skyway, Piedmont, and Big Sky.

    Admin, sorry for all the space. Enjoy!
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    Default Use all the space you need !

    Love it, good research ill check with pinnacle

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    Added cargo carriers, FedEx and UPS!

    Any vendor mechanics registered on this site? Specifically, Timco, AAR, Embraer. I'm not too concerned about contract maintenance at outstations. New companies are starting up everywhere, undercutting the airlines. Too much of a pain in the arse to follow pay scales with contract maintenance. Plus, I'd hope nobody would be interested in working as a contract maintenance.

    Added Kitty Hawk Cargo. Thanks IndyGTP for PM.

    Added PSA, Trans States, and Pinnacle. If anyone sees any descrepancies please PM or post here. The sheet I received was from Chautauqua. In it, was posted the Chautauqua payscale vs some of the other regionals. It was posted in an attempt to keep a mechanic's union away... It has worked so far.
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    Default Where at BWI?

    I used to work at Butler at BWI back in the late 80's

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    Default fedex/ups

    I believe Fedex tops off at 45.oo ph from what I heard top dogs in pay

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    Smile fedex 45.00?

    45.00? not the fedex I work for, mkay

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    I may be able to help with Evergreen. My dad is a driver for them.

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