We are looking for a mechanic or two to work full time with us in Augusta Kansas, near Wichita Kansas.

We are a flight school which is quickly growing and expanding. Currently we have 2 Alarus CH-2000, 2 C-172 one Mooney M20C, 4 Beechcraft be95 Travelairs and an Enstrom F20C Helicopter. We flew over 3300 flight hours last year and up to now we have had all of our maintenance done out of house.

Currently, we have our 141 application in the process of being approved by the FAA which will open us up to being able to train more students from other countries and additionally, with acceptance and approval of the V.A. we would begin providing training to military veterans wanting to use their V.A. benefits through the G.I. bill. Our close proximity to McConnell Air Force Base and us being a 141 school NOT "associated with a school of higher learning" (AKA College) points towards us becoming extremely busy with that branch of the school.

Additionally, we are in the beginning stages of working together with an airline from china to provide up to 300 Chinese students a year flight training from zero time to a commercial license.

We are looking for a few mechanics wanting to come on board and help keep the aircraft in the air. Schedule and pay are negotiable as well are the responsibilities that a person would want to take on. We hope to have a fully operational shop of at least 3-4 mechanics running for the current school at Augusta by the end of the year and will need an additional 8-10 mechanics when/if the China contract is approved and we expand to another local airport.

Thanks greatly for your interest!

Michael Bernardo