Howdy there.

I'm a younger aircraft mechanic almost 3 years out of tech school. I have and A&P license and my avionics degree/certificates. I work in Oshkosh and do OCM for the airlines coming in to Appleton. I work at a smaller cargo company and we fly a few Cessna 310's, two Piper 1040's, and two Beech 99's. We have a charter company that runs alongside us and we do all their maintenance as well (B200's and a cheyenne). With turbo-props and recips I get a ton of different systems to work on which is nice. I'm considering going for my IA this next summer and I keep my eyes open for career opportunities.

I keep busy at work fielding most electrical issues and any time we have a slow day I head up our ground equipment maintenance. The more experience I get, the more my day gets varied. Thankfully a good work ethic has made me a go-to resource when repairs go bad or troubleshooting isn't giving quick results. I already have a few real headscratchers I'll try and get into the technical forum!

It's good to see a forum for the A&P world - unfortunately it looks like its not quite grand central station like some other sites I've been on. Either way, I hope I can add some value to a pretty substantial collection of information. I'm a bit of a tool guy so I'll try and stay involved over in that forum...

See you around!