I am currently finishing up a 2 yr avionics program in Canada. Upon completion I intend to return to the States to find work as an avionics technician. In preparation I am going to take the NCATT AET exam as it seems most avionics shops want their avionics techs to have that cert. I have a few questions about this exam I was hoping some of you may be able to help with.

1. For anyone who has taken it, how in depth is the exam? I have a study guide given to me by Carolyn Parise at ASTM when I registered for the exam. The study guide is just subject areas with very basic bullets on each subject. I have seen all the subject areas in my training, but we went super in depth compared to the study guide. For example with something like AC Theory do I need to know how to calculate impedance and use the inverse of tangent to find the phase angle, then be able to convert the phase angles between radians and degrees and then apply the phase angles in ohms law? Or is merely knowing how a circuit is affected by impedance enough? I just can not find any example questions online so Im kind of lost on how in-depth I should study each subject area.

2. My second question is that I have seen some things that say the FAA has recently recognized the NCATT AET as an equivalent of formal education to repairmans certificate. So by my understanding I can pass the NCATT, pass an NCATT endorsement and then apply for a repairmans cert? What does the repairmans allow me to do? Can I build upon the repairmans to get my A&P lisence after x amount of years of experience or is separate formal education required?

Any insight advice or help is greatly appreciated as no one in Canada, that Ive spoken with, knows much about the NCATT or FAA licensing. Thanks in advance for your help.